Waycap Refillable Coffee Capsule / Pod (Nespresso)

WayCap is a reusable and refillable pod for Coffee Machines like Nespresso.


FACT: About 10% of Single-use Coffee Capsules are Recyclable.

The rest end up in Landfill or the Sea.



    Waycap Refillable Coffee Capsule / Pod (Nespresso)

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    • WayCap is a Reusable and Refillable pod for Coffee Machines like Nespresso.


      Fill it with the coffee of your choice over and over.

      No pollution & huge savings. 

      Become a Barista at Home in your PJs 


      • Save money & the planet
      • Infinately Reuseable. 
      • Refill with your favourite coffee over & over.
      • Less pollution & waste going to landfill


      How does it work?


      1. Unscrew the lid.
      2. Stand the pod under the filler. Add your favourite ground coffee.
      3. Compact the coffee into the pod.
      4. Screw the lid back on.
      5. Put the pod in your coffee machine.



      Empty the pod, rinse it out & then repeat... 


      Easy Eco


      Made in Foodgrade 403 Stainless Steel with a screw on reusable lid. It is infinitely reusable. Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Made in Italy.


      The kit contains:

      1 Refillable Capsule (for Nespresso Style Systems)

      1 Filler funnel and compactor

      4 interchangeable fliter tops


      Compatible with Nespresso Style Machines:

      Pixie, Inissia, Essenza, Essenza Mini, Lattissima, U, Citiz, Expert, Prodigio, Maestria, Creatista and Kitchen Aid


      For Further Info & Usage Videos please see: