Travel Tin Trio, Refillable Aluminum Travel Tins

Refillable Aluminium Travel Tins for your Cosmetics & Bathroom Essentials


Did you Know?  120 billion pieces of beauty packaging are made every year.

Only a fraction are reused or recycled!

Travel Tin Trio, Refillable Aluminum Travel Tins

  • This Handy Trio of Travel Bottles and Tin makes Travelling with your Ecofriendly cosmetics / Eco products a breeze! 


    Simply decant your favourite products into these containers. Or fill with your homemade potions and lotions...


    Join the # ReuseRevolution

    Rinse, wash and reuse them again and again.  The more you reuse them the bigger the eco impact!  


    Travel Bottle 100ml

    Travel Bottle 50ml

    Travel Tin 30ml


    • 100% Plastic free
    • Ethically & Sustainably produced.
    • Recyclable
    • Great for taking on Travels


    Want more than one set?

    Buy for you and your partner to keep in your campervan...


    2 Sets for Discounted Price £ 12