Traditional Straight Razor - Rugged Nature

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FACT: Billions of disposable plastic razors end up in landfill and the Ocean every year...

Traditional Straight Razor - Rugged Nature

  • Traditional Straight Razor

    This straight razor is the best way to get your closest ever shave. Without throwing away polluting plastic disposable razors.


    Made from Rosewood and Stainless Steel each razor will give you years of service & save you money too!


    Known in the past as a "cut-throat" razor, however with a steady hand and practise it will give you an incredibly close shave and can be used to style your preferred shape of beard.


    • Includes a pack of 10 blades
    • Replacement blades available


    Rugged Nature products for the eco-conscious man are handmade in the UK and include sensitive-skin friendly hair and beard products.


  • These razors require a specific technique and careful practise to perfect their use. Please research correct use prior to attempting a shave!