Tea Tree Body Oil - Bio Scents 100ml

Bio Scents Natural, Organic, Blended Body Oils with Cold Pressed Essential oils...


Essential Oils - Are alot more than just scents...

Tea Tree Body Oil - Bio Scents 100ml

  • Tea Tree Body Oil - Bio Scents 100ml


    Organic cold pressed Almond Oil, fragranced with 100% Pure and Organic essential oils.


    Perfect to revitalise and moisturise the skin after a shower... Or for helping with more specific aliments...


    Tea Tree

    Skincare: Tea tree is known for its soothing properties. It is known to calm redness, swelling and inflammation, reducing acne scars and promoting clear and smooth skin.


    Aromatic benefits: Immune boost – Helps fight respiratory conditions, the flu, and muscle aches and pains.


    Bio Scents 100% Natural body oils... Almond oil is naturally hydrating and moisturizing for your skin, which helps to give your sensitive skin the boost it needs to repair itself and stay healthy. Fragranced with 100% pure and organic essential oils. No perfume, water, or any chemical substances are added to our body oils.