NEW Hybrid Safety Razor by Mutiny Shaving Co

Innovaticve "Hybrid" Safety Razor from Mutiny Shaving Company. 

3D Printed from Biodegradeable Cornstarch. Plasticfree


FACT: Billions of disposable plastic razors end up in the Ocean every year...

NEW Hybrid Safety Razor by Mutiny Shaving Co

  • Mutiny Hybrid Traditonal Safety Razor


    Metal head traditional safety razor with a modern, vibrant, Green, 3D printed Bioplastic handle and blade shield. 


    Stunning & Innovative.

    The Mutiny Hybrid is created from recycled cornstarch which is sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and can be industrial composted using the Mutiny Zero Waste scheme.


    • The large, squared off handle is designed as Nonslip & to stand up straight for ease of drying.


    • The blade shield ensures the razor is kept safe in your bathroom and when used on your travels.


     Designed & created in the UK for a lifetime of use and is also 100%, zero waste.


    Razor is supplied with 5 safety razor blades and is delivered in 100% recyclable, plastic free packaging.