Reusable Clear Glass Spray Bottle 500ml

Simple Ecofriendly Reusesable Spray Bottle. Glass with Heavy Duty Spray Head.


Add "Ocean Saver" concentrated cleaning refills.

Topup with Water to make Ecofriendly Household Cleaning Sprays...

Reusable Clear Glass Spray Bottle 500ml

  • Reusable Clear Glass 500ml Bottle with Heavy Duty Spray. 


    • Recycled Glass Bottle
    • Lockable Safety Trigger Screw Top
    • 500ml Capacity
    • 175mm Height, 76mm Diameter



    These spray bottles are useful all over the house... They look great in the bathroom or kitchen! They can be used for allsorts... 

    Household cleaning, Watering the plants or Practising being a hairdresser...


    PLEASE: Remember to write labels on your bottles to avoid accidents...


    Just add concentrated cleaning satchets to 500ml of warm water...

    These bottles are a great way to avoid buying chemical cleaning liquids which are more often than not in single-use plastic containers. 


    Want more than one? 3 for £12.99