Nona Clothes Pegs (100% Recycled Oceanbound Plastic)

Clothes Pegs made from 100% Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic (Discarded Fishing Nets)


Fact: More than 640,000 tonnes of nets & lines are discarded in the sea every year!

    Nona Clothes Pegs (100% Recycled Oceanbound Plastic)

    • Nona Clothes Pegs


      Ultra-durable 100% recycled ocean plastic clothespeg.

      Not only eco-friendly and socially responsible, its sturdy, mono-form shape is practically unbreakable.


      Made from Repurposed Ocean Bound Plastics.


      The simple mono-form design means that there are no moving parts to break, no springs to malfunction, it won’t rust, mould, crack or degrade.


      • UV resistant
      • Easy to clean
      • Ultra durable
      • Available in 20Pack or 40Pack


      It is 100% Recycled & At the end of its life it is completely recyclable... Circular recycling systems have to be the key to our future product design...