Neat - Multi Purpose Cleaner Refill Fragrance Free

Concentrated cleaning refill to add to your current spray bottle... Just add Refill then topup with water...


A Neat Solution! Just Refill... Ecofriendly Cleaning

Neat - Multi Purpose Cleaner Refill Fragrance Free

  • NEAT.  Concentrated Cleaning Refill.

    A neat cleaning solution that performs brilliantly and cuts down on waste. No plastic and no need to ship water around the world. 


    • Concentrated Refill = Pay less get more...
    • Non Chemical - Plant based ingredients
    • Vegan & Cruelty free
    • Plastic free, Glass Bottle
    • Biodegradable & NonToxic
    • Made in the UK = No more shipping water.
    • Reusable spray bottles available here


    Simple solutions are often the best. 

    Just add tap water at home for instant and convenient cleaning products. A typical bottle of cleaner is 90% water and less than 10% actual valuable ingredients, that’s a lot of unnecessary water being shipped around the world!

    These concentrated cleaners allow you to add the water at home and reuse your spray bottle to save on waste. The refills come packed in a glass bottle that are widely recycled.


    Fragrance Free - No allergens For those who are sensitive to fragrance, but still want to make more sustainable choices.


    Directions - Couldn't be Easier...

    Remove the trigger from your reusable spray bottle, add 470ml of tap water, carefully pour in the neat concentrate, secure the trigger, shake & spray.


    The Multi Surface Cleaner is suitable on most surfaces including, wood, glass, stainless steel, tile, laminates, sealed stone, granite and marble.

    It is not suitable for unsealed stone, granite or marble. It is recommended to test in a discreet spot.