Natural Shaving Box Set - Mutiny Shaving Co.

Mutiny Traditional Shaving Gift Box Set. Ecofriendly Traditional Shaving Set.


FACT: Billions of disposable plastic razors end up in Landfill and the Ocean every year...

Natural Shaving Box Set - Mutiny Shaving Co.

  • The Iconic Mutiny Shaving Box 

    Ecofriendly Traditional Shaving Set


    This set includes a safety razor, shaving brush & shaving soap.


    A Great Gift for anyone who is new to traditional shaving, but Loves the Planet...


    Designed to last for years and give a close, smooth shave razor burn. It comes with 5 Recyclable razor blades to get you started.

    The set also contains a synthetic shaving brush that helps exfoliate your skin and soften your stubble ready for the shave.

    You cant really shave without soap... These are handmade and Organic.


    4 Choices...

    Orange & Lavender, Rosemary & Lime , Cinnamon & Orange or Aloe Vera, all made entirely from 100% natural ingredients.


    100% Natural, Crueltyfree, No Parabens, No SLS, only Natural & Ethical Ingredients.