Organic Reusable Makeup Rounds

100% Organic Cotton and Bamboo Reuseable Makeup Pads. ( 5 Pads )


Our BEST SELLING Ecofriendly Product for 2 years in a row...

Organic Reusable Makeup Rounds

  • Organic Cotton & Bamboo Reuseable Makeup Pads


    Switch to eco friendly cleansing pads - ideal for removing make up or applying toner.


    These reusable make up pads are made with soft, antibacterial and absorbent bamboo layered between a smooth organic cotton layer and natural muslin, perfect for sensitive skin.


    Just like your cotton wool pads - But Reuseable...

    Each pad is approximately 3 inches across.


    Simply wash them in your normal laundry load and leave to dry naturally.


    If you ever feel like your pads have come to the end of their life, you can simply cut them up and add them to your compost bin.


    5 Pads in a Pack.


    Feel like you might need more than 1 Pack?  

    2 x 10 Pad Packs for £17.50