Jute Basket Set - Respiin

Natural Jute Basket Set. Ecofriendly Sustainable Storage Baskets.



Jute Basket Set - Respiin

  • Respiin Natural Jute basket Set

    Set of 3 natural jute baskets are perfect for storing toiletries, makeup, jewellery, keys, as a plantpot, you name it...

    Natural colour and rustic in design with a natural texture these make a lovely stylish addition to a plastic free, zero waste home.



    Jute bowls and baskets are super sustainable and beautiful too.

    Jute is more commonly associated with the humble potato sack.


    Set of 3

    1 x Small Basket - 8.5 x 11 cm dia. approx.

    1 x Medium Basket - 11 x 15 cm dia. approx.

    1 x Large Basket - 13.5 x 18.5 cm dia. approx.


    Jute plants are very eco friendly, they absorb large amounts of CO2, enrich the soil, yield high crops, require little pesticides and they grow fast.