Vegan Washing Up / Dish Soap 155g

Vegan Solid Dish Soap Bar. Ecofriendly Washing Up. 


Swap your Bottle of Washing up Liquid for Solid Dish Soap.

Vegan Washing Up / Dish Soap 155g

  • Eco Friendly Washing-up Dish Soap Bar


    A chunky 155g solid bar.

    Will last you alot longer than an average bottle of Washing up Liquid...


    • 100% natural dish washing soap bar
    • Super Concentrated = You use less
    • Powered by organic plant-based ingredients.
    • Tough on grease but gentle to your hands.
    • So mild the rinse water can be used on your plants!
    • No Palm Oil = Less deforestation.
    • Made with love in the UK



    This dish soap is a super concentrated bar and only a small amount is needed.

    Wet your cloth, sponge or brush and rub the dish soap until it’s soapy – then wash your dishes as normal.

    This soap does not produce bubbles like traditional washing up liquid, Bubbles just are not needed to give a good clean.

    To make the soap last the longest, keep dry in-between use either by using a soap dish or a rack to store.

    Eco Easy

  • Ingredients:
    Organic coconut oil, naturally occurring glycerin, sodium carbonate, and sodium cocoyl glutamate (derived from coconut oil) - approved by ECOCERT