Eco Bathroom Starter Set

Ecofriendly Bathroom Essentials - Starter Set


By making changes to the products we use in our daily lives we can make a difference to the impact of plastics on our planet...


The Bathroom Starter Eco Pack is a great way to start those changes...

Eco Bathroom Starter Set

  • Eco-friendly Bathroom Starter Eco Pack


    All great journeys start with a first step...

    Want to be ecofriendly in your home? The Bathroom is a great place to start. 


    All our Best Selling Ecofriendly Bathroom Essentials in one discounted bundle. 


    Ideal as a gift for friends and loved ones...


    • 2x Bamboo Sustainable Toothbrush - GREEN Medium Bristles
    • 1x Georganics Natural Toothpaste English Peppermint 60ml
    • 1x 100% Biodegradable Cotton Buds 100Pack
    • 1x Soap Pouch 100% Organic Sisal
    • 1x 5 Pack Reusable Organic Makeup Rounds/Pads


    All packaged up in one of our recycled, recyclable boxes...


    Want to buy 1 for a Friend and 1 for Yourself ?

    2 Packs for Discounted Price £ 35.99