AGREENA - Reuseable Silicone Wrap - 3in1 combo pack

Clingfilm Alternative - Reuseable Food Wrap - Saving you Money & the Environment...


A 100% "Platinum" Food Grade Silicone / Plastic-free Reuseable Food Wrap...


The average family puts £1200 of clingfilm in to landfill in their lifetime. 


AGREENA - Reuseable Silicone Wrap - 3in1 combo pack

  • Agreena Reusable Wrap. 4Wraps


    • Reuseable Replacement for Clingfilm, 
    • Completely Non Toxic - Safe
    • Infinately Reuseable Food Wrap - Saving you Money...
    • Use it over and over again 
    • Seal bowls, Wrap picnic lunches or leftovers in fridge
    • Keeps food fresh for longer
    • Replaces 3 Kitchen Essentials in 1 product.
    • Ecofriendly & Sustainable
    • Wash, Dry, Reuse... Over and Over


    Pack contains: 4Wraps

    2 small (20 x 20 cm) and 2 large wraps (30 x 30 cm)

    These two sizes are perfect for sealing bowls big and small and wrapping food items for packed lunches or for keeping leftovers fresher for longer.


    Ecofriendly Family of 4 ? 

    Buy 3packs for our Discounted Price. £49.99


    They can also be used as the perfect nonstick surface in the oven to wrap food just like tin foil, cover to prevent drying out or line trays and baking dishes with ease.

    They also work beautifully in the microwave in removing splatter and mess when covering food. (please exercise caution with steam when removing covers from hot dishes).


    Ecofriendly & Safe for your Family

    • 100% platinum food grade silicone wrap
    • Tested for food safety - Non Toxic
    • Vegan, Cruelty Free
    • Recyclable & Sustainably made.


    Reuse Over & Over...

    Simply hand wash and leave to dry for it to regain all it's stickiness to keep your salad fresh again time after time...


    Add a set of Reuseable Silicone Lids, You will never need to buy Clingfilm Again! 

  • The outer packaging is a cardboard tube.

    However, the product itself comes with a one off plastic backing sheet which are a critical part of the manufacturing process.

    The good news is that this is done on a PET1 backing sheet which means that it is recyclable.

    Above all, we believe, the amount of cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper saved is a lot bigger than the one off backing sheet.