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Lets be honest, trying to be Ecofriendly can be a Complicated Thing.

We have made it easy...


We only sell Products that we Guarentee are Genuinely Eco-Friendly.

We have done the complicated research to make your choices simple...

About Us - Green Eco Shop

GREEN ECO SHOP was setup by Tim & Hannah Green in 2018. As an Online Shop and Platform to try to introduce reduced plastic use in all of our everyday lives with the end goal of hopefully helping to reduce global plastic pollution.

"Small Changes in our daily lives can make a massive impact on global plastic pollution"


Pre Covid19 we were also at various Events, Festivals and Markets around Southern England...

Tim Green

Worked as A Dive Instructor and Photographer around the world for 10years.

He saw first hand the increasing plastic pollution in the seas and our environment. 

In 2018 he setup GREEN ECO as an endeavor to help reduce global plastic pollution...

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Hannah Green

Like many designers, Hannah believes the things we create can be kind to both ourselves and this beautiful planet we call home.  


Setting up Green Eco Shop with Tim was their way of championing the designers and makers out there, whilst bringing the most innovative and healthy products available, to you. 

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Benji Green

Office Assistant and Security Manager.  


Born in Greece, Benji came to Join the Green Family in the UK through a local charity, Chimney Farm Rescue. 


Happy working in a supervisory role but much happier chasing squirrels. 


Benji aspires to be the Branch Manager. 

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Green Eco

We are passionate about bringing you Genuinely Ecofriendly Products

We do the complicated research so you don't have to...

Finding you - Charitable, Fairtrade, Ecofriendly Products for your Home, Business, Lifestyle and Family... 

Ecofriendly, Plasticfree Products

for your Home, family & Lifestyle

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